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Making jewelry out of gemstones is the passion and core competence of Thomas Jirgens and his jewelry workshop “Juwelenschmiede". Thanks to his expertise as a gemologist and diamond appraiser, Thomas Jirgens has a profound understanding of the colors and the respective character of a gemstone that emphasizes a woman's individual beauty. The shape and size of a gem are carefully selected to create, for instance, a harmonious solitaire ring for a woman.

Setting a gemstone is always the final process in the creation of a piece of jewelry. Each jewel is of high sentimental and monetary value and it requires maximum concentration to place the stone perfectly symmetrically into the band in order to anchor it there permanently and securely without damaging it. With gentle hammer blows, the force of which is carefully and measuredly applied to the precious metal above the stone via a steel punch, the metal slowly compresses around the outer edge of the gemstone (girdle). With the most meticulous preparation and constant minute adjustments, this process slowly progresses until the metal wraps around and over the edge of the gemstone and finally "sets" it.

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With a steady hand and a carbide burin, the excess precious metal around the stone is clipped off and for the mirrored finish line a polished rim is cut along the edge of the stone. Starting from the top, the hammered metal is now evenly filed down to the finish line on both sides. As a result, the shape of the band is seamlessly aligned with the gemstone, which is securely enthroned on the ring.

Of course, repair of old jewelry or redesign of existing jewelry according to your wishes is also being done at Juwelenschmiede.